Serial Killer Christmas Card

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Serial Killer Christmas Card
Number 49
Broadcast Date December 29, 2011
Episode Length 1:45:08
Hosts Andrew Mayne, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Bonnie Brushwood


Andrew catalogues some of the forgotten heroes of Christmas including trolls, elves, Oden and a midnight menace so scary the Pope had to take action against them. Bonnie The Invisible Wife tuns the tables on Mayne, inventing a bone chilling (yet strangely erotic) scenario involving a grim Christmas gift request. Brian brings to light a new commercial comparing the most infamous group of racists ever and their possible allegiance with dog lovers everywhere. Justin passionately defends the right to name planets silly names.

Everyone gives their 2012 predictions! Space Age II! Politicians! Maker Bots! AND MORE!

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Christmas Traditions

Like many American families, Brian and Bonnie get a Christmas tree and give presents and all that jolly stuff. However, there are a lot of other holiday traditions that most people have forgotten. Andrew mentions the 12 Days of Christmas, but most people don't know that during the 12 days following Christmas, a very angry Odin comes down and starts murdering people.

Other Christmas-y things

  • "Tra la la la la"- A Norse saying referring to the time when the elves pushed the trolls into the sea.
  • "Hogmanay"- A Scottish word for the last day of the year. However it came from a word that invokes the elves to banish the trolls into the sea.
  • 12 Days of Christmas- An excellent time to hunt werewolves!

Bonnie's Scenario

Since Bonnie is a returning guest, she felt that she should come up with a scenario for Andrew to experience. She proposes a scenario in which Andrew's "girlfriend" wants a Christmas card. However, she doesn't want a card from Andrew, and she doesn't even want it addressed to her. She wants Andrew to get her a $100 card of a bear from the "Night Stalker", Richard Ramirez.

Apparently this is a totally doable thing. The website, you can get authentic serial killer collectibles and memorabilia.

Domesticate ALL the things!

Brian brings up a PETA ad that features the KKK. and this segue's perfectly into Andrew's next story. People recently found a stray dog in Brooklyn that is actually illegal for people to own. It turns out that this dog is actually part wolf this lead to a discussion about domesticating all animals, because that would be awesome.

Obligatory SpaceX Story

As of recording, SpaceX was planning to make their first mission up to the ISS on February 7th, 2012, however the launch was delayed until April.

2012 Predictions

  • Andrew
    • Commercially available 3D printers under $1,000
    • Google is going to release their version of Siri, dramatically altering the way we interact with our phones.
    • The space industry will get more exciting and more young people will take an interest in careers in space.
  • Brian
    • We will discover an Earth-sized planet in the "Goldilocks Zone"
    • There will be 3-5 different AI personalities on your phone
    • In ten years, our AI personalities will tell us jokes.
    • 2012 will be the first year that a digital property born on the internet will get picked up by old media. (Ex. A show about social engineering at the bar and on the street will get picked up by an old media company and broadcast on television.)
  • Justin
    • More direct communication from politicians through things like Twitter and YouTube
    • Emergence of day-and-date movie releases
    • Pay cable services will start to move to the set-top boxes (more than just HBO GO)
    • 3D TVs will still suck
    • Justin will have over 1,500 K-Cups
  • Bonnie
    • You will be able to buy lipstick called "Shame on your Face"
    • Facebook will monetize the "Timeline" feature.
    • Infrared cooking will be just as crappy as regular cooking

Book Club


Fun Facts

  • The Dresden Files is better that Twilight
  • Brian mentioned that he REALLY hopes that SpaceX isn't a cocaine fueled Ponzi scheme.

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