She Backed Me Up with Science!

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She Backed Me Up with Science!
Number 32
Broadcast Date July 13, 2010
Episode Length 1:06:10
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Dr. Paul Zak

Dr. Paul Zak joins Brian and Justin to talk about the chemicals that make us feel good, and experiments to determine which host listeners like more.


Opening video: Drunk Jeff Goldblum Apple Ad

Dr. Paul Zak joins Justin and Brian to run experiments on four testees (Mbazdell, Karhax, DougEvil, Cameron Ramsay). Each testee had to perform a different action to attempt to raise their oxytocin levels (SCIENCE NOTE: Oxytocin is a chemical in your brain that makes you slutty and want to love everyone around you). After each subject performed their specific action, they would pledge a dollar amount between 1 and 20 dollars to either Brian or Justin. At the end of the tests, they compared the dollar amounts to see which action increased oxytocin levels the most.


While pimping Carbonite's AMAZING features (which you can find at promo code: NSFW) Brian said "Back that ass up!", which he later regretted.

New Champion! Woo!

The biggest fan of NSFW mbazdell after a dare by Justin
  • Justin

Great Quotes

  • "If you have naked pictures of your ex-girlfriend's backside, we encourage you to back that ass up" - Brian (this was edited out of the sponsor read and moved to the very end of the final podcast)

Fun Facts

  • Half of the testees are communist.
  • Paul Zak admits that he once fell for the pigeon drop scam
  • Brian admits that he once overpaid for cheap speakers thinking they were high quality, stolen speakers
  • Justin admits he is jealous that he was never scammed


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She Backed Me Up with Science!
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