The Wind of My Butt When I Fart

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The Wind of My Butt When I Fart
Number 60
Broadcast Date April 15, 2015
Episode Length 1:08:59
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Bonnie Brushwood, Andrew Mayne

The Podcast Awards were last night and the guys recap how things went. Spoiler alert: It was a clean sweep. Then we see some of the amazing Star Wars costumes Andrew has been working on.


Cold Open

The President announces there's no more laws and no more Presidents.

Chatrealm and the Tadpool Swept the Podcast Awards

Thanks to the rabid fans of the Chatrealm and the Tadpool (but mostly t2t2's bookmarklet), Night Attack, DTNS, and four other Frogpants shows won at the Podcast Awards in Las Vegas. Yep, it was a 7 for 7 sweep for all of the shows that were on the Diamond-Stream ticket. Huge props to t2t2 for putting together the bookmarklet and to all the fans for destroying everyone at the Podcast Awards.

Brian and Justin skimmed through the podcast awards video and talked about what they were feeling as the awards started piling up.

You can watch the Podcast Awards for yourself here, but I really don't recommend it, it's really hard to watch. Just check out the Diamond-Stream wins at these timecodes:

44:00 - TMS

57:00 - The Insance

1:06:15 - Night Attack

1:08:30 - Coverville

1:12:30 - Filmsack

1:25:00 - DTNS

1:27:15 - Night Attack


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Remember last week when we said The Merritt Tapes were going to drop within the week? Well, change of plans! The new Night Attack Ep will be out this week. Really? Lol who knows!

Andrew Mayne's Star Wars Cosplay

Brian, Justin and Andrew are all headed to Star Wars Celebration, the huge convention that will feature all sorts of exciting Star Wars announcements. Brian and Justin are sufficiently hyped up for the event, however Andrew is on another level entirely. When the three of them were in the hotel room Andrew started putting together Star Wars cosplay using only items found in the hotel room.

During the show, Andrew came on and gave an interview as both Dengar and Jabba. Other costumes shown were a Jawa and a tauntaun

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Diamond Time

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Great Quotes

  • "3.5 kilos is about $8,500" - Justin talking about Blerch Lloyd's weight
  • "I've been in a committed relationship with my grandmother for which fisting has become an option." - Justin imitating other "Mature" podcasts (14:57)

Fun Facts

  • Blerch Lloyd was born on the same day that Night Attack became a multiple-award-winning podcast (April 14th)
  • Brian, Justin and Andrew were in the same hotel room in Anaheim. Bonnie and Neshcom were in studio in Austin



Preshow & Aftershow

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