All the Right Notes

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All the Right Notes
Number 98
Broadcast Date October 17, 2011
Episode Length 1:07:15
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests James Urbaniak, The Possum Posse

This week we are joined by Dr. Venture himself, James Urbaniak and then The Possum Posse are live in studio to perform a never before heard Guy On A Buffalo song.


Opening Video

Guy on a Buffalo Finale Part 2

Friend or Me

They are each going to tell a story as though it happened to a friend and the others have to guess if it happened to their friend, or if it actually happened to them.

  • Brian- When he was 8 years old, he and his friend Chris were cutting up larvae with knives and Chris accidentally dropped the knife and sliced open his foot.
    • James guessed- Brian
    • Justin guessed- Friend
It happened to Brian

  • Justin- His friend Consuelo decided to pull an insurance scam and push his car into a lake so he could report his car stolen. He then woke up the next day feeling bad and told his parents.
    • Brian- Justin
    • James- Justin
It happened to a friend
  • James- He got a call from one of the Jerky Boys who was making a movie and wanted James to be in it. They had a year long telephone relationship and then nothing ever came out of it.
    • Brian- Friend
    • Justin- James
It happened to James
  • Brian- He has a friend who believes that he has a partially unraveled testicle. Everything is working properly and he even has kids.
    • James- Friend
    • Justin- Brian
"It happened to Brian
  • Justin- When he was in college, Justin and his friend were playing Gamecube and smoking pot. His friend blows up the death star in the game and then realized that he had peed himself in the process.
    • James- Justin
    • Brian- Justin
It happened to Justin
  • James- His friend Fred was having some work done on his apartment and they found a bag of cocaine in the wall left there by the previous owner. They proceeded to take the drugs and fortunately they turned out fine.
    • Justin- James
    • Brian- Friend
It happened to a friend"


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Enhancing James' Carreer

The Chatrealm has taken it upon themselves to adobeshop James into some famous movies and TV shows and then James will tell us whether or not he would have taken the role.

  1. Doctor Who
  2. Facts of life
  3. The Wonder Years
  4. Baywatch
  5. My Secret Identity
  6. Wardrobe Malfunction
  7. Breaking Bad
  8. Batman and Robin
  9. Max Headroom
  10. Power Rangers


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Summer Music Series

The Possum Posse, the guys behind the Guy on a Buffalo videos, are live from Brian's studio to perform. They have a Kickstarter going to help them record their debut album you can also go to their website to learn more about them.The first song they performed was "Assumptions" and then they performed a never-before-performed 5th Guy On a Buffalo song

New Champion! Woo!

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