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Bad Romance is a song by Lady Gaga that was made notable in NSFW during We Are All Going to Hell and Melissa's Will Be Done... and Stuff.

Origin Story

In that episode, Brian and Justin revealed a video which they had been sitting on for several weeks. The video, which had been posted to YouTube by "BerryHappy4ever" showcased a girl who was filmed dancing and singing for a friend's college video production class. The description on the video was as follows:

BerryHappy4ever — May 11, 2010 — My final for Video Production I class. Thank you Melissa! Couldn't have done it without you~~~~ ^0^

Not much was known about the subject of the video at the time. It was assumed that this was "Melissa" and that "BerryHappy4ever" was operating the camera. (Her legs can be seen reflected in the close-up shots of Melissa's large sunglasses.)

The genie is let out of the bottle

C. Robert Cargill's reaction to Bad Romance

Upon its first NSFW appearance, the video had under 300 views.

The video was screened on NSFW where it was declared "the next Star Wars Kid". (The video's introduction starts at 52 minutes and 53 seconds into the episode.) Before the episode had finished, the video had already been submitted to where it made the home page in about 90 minutes and ultimately got over 3,700 diggs. It was also posted to Reddit, 4chan, and other places.

As an apology for pointing the world at her, Brian promised an iPod Touch to BerryHappy4ever if she asked for it. He also gave her an open invitation to appear on NSFW and talk about anything she wanted to at any time.

Later on that evening, the chat room found what appears to be Melissa's Facebook page.

The aftermath

By the next morning, many other sites had picked up the video. YouTube reported 50,000 views on the video by mid-afternoon on Wednesday. Delicious had passed the link to a friend who posted it to Ryan

The responses from her friends were encouraging.

Wednesday evening, Brian hosted an impromptu BBLiveShow-style live feed during America's Got Talent. Fearing fallout from that show (which is a separate story in and of itself), he felt it would be karma for pointing the world to Melissa.

As of Thursday evening, the video passed 400,000 views on YouTube.

The video passed 500,000 views on Friday.

By Monday, June 7th, the video was featured on The Digg Reel in the episode titled "Bad Romance FAIL, or Epic Win? You Be the Judge!" Annie Gaus, the guest host, invited Melissa to contact the show. However, it was removed from YouTube "due to terms of use violation."

Melissa speaks out

On NSFW's June 8th episode, Melissa's Will Be Done... and Stuff, Melissa appeared as a surprise guest and the truth behind the video was revealed. It turns out that the video was the result of a friend who needed to shoot the video during finals. It was shot over 24 hours. Melissa apparently found out about the video's rise to fame fairly early on, but could not get it taken down because "BerryHappy4ever" was in Vietnam and out of touch. Some of her friends requested it be removed for violation of terms of service (or copyright). This is likely what triggered the removal of the video from YouTube.

To try and make it up to Melissa, Brian and Justin said they would do what they could to get Melissa a shout-out from Lady Gaga herself or perhaps an appearance on Ellen. While, under normal circumstances, an appearance on Ellen would be more feasible given their connections, the show is on hiatus for the summer.




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