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Delicious is Justin Robert Young's assistant, stat checker, and beer fetcher. She had never been seen or heard on either BBliveshow or NSFW for quite a long time, but had been mentioned by Justin several times. She finally made an appearance in the last minute of NSFW Pimping. The first appearance in NSFW was in the after show for Meat Drunk.1

The Justin/Delicious Fight Club Theory

Prior to her after show appearance, some had theorized that she did not actually exist. Some thought Delicious was a imaginary person created by Justin's subconscious to fulfill his desires for friendship, companionship, and possibly sexual relations. There had been occasions when Justin had been seen talking to Delicious who was presumably just off camera, but no response could be heard. There are still some that aren't convinced that the woman who called into the aftershow was actually Delicious and not an actress hired by Justin.

Car Damage

Justin once damaged Delicious' car and she didn't find out for 90 days.