Best. Card Trick. Ever.

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Best. Card Trick. Ever.
Number 257
Broadcast Date February 13, 2012
Episode Length 19:24
Hosts Brian Brushwood


Brian shows you the most powerful principle in magic! It requires a little DIY work, but once you learn how to make this prop yourself, you can use it for almost any card effect you want. Careful, you'll need a ventilated area, a light touch, and enough table space for all that free beer.

Predicting The Almighty One Card

Brian lets Maggie and Travis narrow an imaginary deck of cards down to one card, which he may or may not have already predicted in a sealed envelope!


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The Breakdown

Brian reveals the fundamental principles behind this card trick, which is effectively a variation on one of the tricks featured in episode #230.

Brian then shows you how you can make your own!

The Test

Maggie and Travis perform the routine on Brian with their own narrative twist.

Scam Stuff

Don't want to get your hands dirty making your own deck? Don't worry about it, they're available over at!

Scam School is about what you do at the bar, Scam Stuff is about what you bring to the bar.

Next Week

Next week, we're going to be learning a very important lesson about why you should never smoke near your moonshine still, but until then... I'm going to go to this bar. You got drinks in here, right?

Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • This episode sparked a heated discussion in the magic community regarding what is allowed to be revealed and what should be kept in secrecy and obscurity.



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Best. Card Trick. Ever.
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