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Ashley on a typical morning

Ashley Paramore (aka FakeGamerGirl, aka healthyaddict, born February 13, 1986) is a cooking streamer and skeptic. She is Justin Robert Young's better half, and was a co-host of Online Ethicist and JURYMORE with Justin. She also hosted Good Enough Podcast, previously known as Church, with John Teasdale.

Presently, Ashley is an employee of Twitch, working in the Creative department. Banning

Her account was banned because someone thought her sonic screwdriver (a Doctor Who prop) was a dildo. After would not give her any sort of a response, she went to their offices in person and punched people in the face, spraypainted obscenities on the walls, and set the building on fire until they finally restored her account.


Ashley was a regular contributor on the Chatcraft Minecraft server.