Zak Holder

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Zak Holder
Don't let anybody say Zak doesn't suffer for art.
Known For His prominently featured mashups and video work.

Zak Holder (aka DJ Z, aka lonelydotgeek) is a long-time friend of and contributor to BBLiveShow and NSFW. He makes kick-ass mashups.

In December 2013, Zak was brought into the Bizarre Magic team. He has since assumed responsibilities of managing the day-to-day Scam Stuff fulfillment, live switching Cordkillers, and operating cameras during Scam School shoots, among other things.

He also works at the 5by5 network, notably technical directing Jeff Cannata's show DLC.


Fun Facts

  • He was present for the pre-show and after show of Pr0blem Zolved!, but did not appear on screen during the actual episode.
  • Zak operated the camera for most of TWiT's Sunday night coverage of SXSW in March 2011.


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