Daily Tech Headlines – June 1, 2018

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Daily Tech Headlines – June 1, 2018
Number 515
Broadcast Date JUNE 1, 2018
Episode Length 3:30
Hosts Tom Merritt

Facebook kills off Trending section, Nokia sells Withings health device division back to its founder and Fortnite might come to the Nintendo Switch.


Facebook says it will shut down the "trending" section at the top of its home page because it was not popular with users. The trending section was launched in 2014 and was available in five countries. Facebook will add a feature called "Today In," to highlight local events and let 80 publishers highlight their stories with a breaking news tag.
ARM announced the 7 nm Cortex-A76 CPU, the Mali-G76 GPU, and the Mali-V76 video processor. ARM designed the A76 CPU from scratch and calls it laptop class. It supposedly improves performance by around 35 percent and energy efficiency by 40%. The G76 GPU claims a 1.5 times performance improvement by doubling the number of execution pipelines and improves energy efficiency by 30%. Finally the V76 video processor can handle 8K 60 frames per second video or multiple 4K streams. The G76 GPU is available for sampling, so may show up in products this year but the A76 CPU likely won't arrive in consumer products until 2019.
Amazon announced Thursday it will no longer serve the international version of its website to Australians starting July 1, in order to avoid a new sales tax. A 10 % tax on imported online goods worth less than $1,000 goes into effect July 1. Amazon's Australian website, which has fewer goods listed than Amazon.com, will be the only version of Amazon available to those determined to be in Australia.
A leaked list of E3 Nintendo games posted to 4Chan indicates a version of Fortnite will come to the Nintendo Switch. Eurogamer says its sources indicate the list is accurate. Fortnite launched on iOS in March and is coming to Android as well this summer.
Nokia announced Thursday it closed the sale of its digital health division to Eric Carreel. Nokia's division was created largely by its acquisition of Withings which Carreel founded. He plans to relaunch Withings by the end of this year with products focused on preventive health. At the same time Nokia announced that Chief Legal Officer Maria Varsellona will also become President of Nokia Technologies, indicating a continued focus on patrents.
Toshiba announced Friday it has completed the sale of its chip unit to a consortium led by Bain Capital. Toshiba Memory is the number 2 producer of NAND chips. SK Hynix, Apple, Dell, Seagate and Kingston are also part of the consortium.
Dialog Semi said it expects its main customer, Apple, to cut orders for its power management chips by 30% this year. Dialog told investors that Apple is going to source the chips from two suppliers now.
Central European bitcoin exchange, BitPay has shut down operations in Poland while also being invited by the Polish government to participate in a national blockchain working group. BitPay was shut out by Polish banks and announced May 29 it would move its headquarters from Poland to Malta.


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