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Death Starter
Number 170
Broadcast Date Brett 19, 2013
Episode Length 1:14:24
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt

This week, "Fast-Talkin, Gum-Snappin, Hollywood" Tom Merritt joins us to talk all about Kickstarters, whether they be for "fantasy" sports podcasts, terrorist assassins, terrorist island bases, terrorist space bases and terrorist space fleets to destroy terrorist space bases.


Opening Video

PadreSJ Flashes the Diamond Club Symbol on Fox5

FSL Tonight Kickstarter

If you're the kind of moron that hasn't heard of or listened to FSL Tonight you should probably rethink what you're doing with your life. FSL Tonight is a podcast hosted by Justin and Tom in which they recap the action of a made up "fantasy" sports league. The league is comprised of teams from famous sci-fi and fantasy universes like "Gallifrey Timelords", the "Vulcan Velocity" and the "Lannisport Lions".

In order to justify creating a third season Tom and Justin launched a Kickstarter. After about 5 days of funding the Kickstarter reached its goal of $5,000 just a few minutes prior to this episode starting.


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Cobra Kickstarter

There is a new trend in which people are setting up comedic Kickstarter pages that have no chance of being approved. Kickstarter allows you to set up your page, with a goal, embedded video, rewards and everything prior to the project being approved and launched. Now even though your project isn't approved yet, you can still send out the link to everyone so you can all that viral attention. One of the first projects to do this is by Cobra Commander, who is asking for $94 billion to rebuild Cobra Island. Head on over there now and check out the Cobra Kickstarter and not donate.


Brian liked the idea of being able to set up joke Kickstarters, but wondered if the idea really took off maybe Kickstarter would discontinue the use of yet-to-be-approved kickstarter pages. Brian then wondered if they could come up with a fake project that was so offensive that Kickstarter got rid of all their preview pages solely because of that one project. I wonder if Justin can come up with something like that. He proposed a project revolving around the racist joke/saying "Me chinese, me play joke, me put pee pee in your coke."

Tom brought up the fact that there are approved Kickstarters for both the construction of a Death Starand also assembly of a Rebel Alliance X-Wing squadron to destroy the Death Star. Thanks to a delightful slip of the tongue Justin came up with the idea of a "Deathstarter" in which an enterprising young assassin raises money to kill political figures.

Luke's Change

With all this talk about the Death Star, Brian brought up the fan made Star Wars conspiracy video: Luke's Change.


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Project Abotalit: Ruinum

Last week, Bri Bri and Jurbs announced their new plan to create their own wine (called Ruinum) that is marketed as the drink that will end the world. As Justin said in the show they want "the myth of Absinthe, with the kick of Purple Drank".

The guys made sure to make it clear that they are following the Diamond Club/Huffington Post model where there would be a lot of nameless contributors (Chatrealm) with all of the proceeds going to Brian and Justin.

This week they discussed more about how to market the wine and what the logo/label should look like.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • Brian- "I thought you meant pulling babies from wombs."

Fun Facts

JuRY broadcast from the home of TVsEgon in Gilbert, AZ, declared by Justin to be "the City of Lights". This happened because Jurbs was offered beer and high bandwidth while in the Phoenix area for multiple Go Games.


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