Meat Drunk

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Meat Drunk
Number 17
Broadcast Date March 25, 2010
Episode Length 1:16:42
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Korey Coleman, OMG Chad

Can you get drunk off of meat consumption? Brian wants to know!


Opening Video

Heat Vision & Jack Opening Credits

Eat My Meat

This episode revolves around Brian coming up with more ways to torture his lowly intern OMG Chad.

In this episode Brian has two year Vegetarian Intern OMG Chad and semi vegetarian guest Korey Coleman (from over to consume mass quantities of meat from Rudy's Bar B Q in the hopes of witnessing people "drunk" on meat. Justin Robert Young is also in the show via Skype from his home at the warehouse. By the end of the Show Brian has come to terms with the fact that there is no such thing as being "Drunk" on meat, but is still pleased that he has "re" deflowered OMG Chad's "Veeginity" (aka Vegan virginity.) Also in this episode is repeated airing of a clip of Leo Laporte exclaiming "Eat my Meat!"

Motivational Posters

The chat room submitted motivational posters created from images from are viewed. They are funny, except for any submitted by Kuhan.

New Champion! Woo!

  • Kuhan and Zak Holder (aka DJZ aka lonelydotgeek) are on the show in a game based on guessing whether tweets are from @Danny_Devito or @DrunkHulk. (The game ends in a tie. Yet Kuhan still loses.)

Great Quotes

  • "Vigga please!" -everyone

Fun Facts

  • OMG Chad's whole family are meat eaters.
  • JuRY wanted OMG Chad to convert to Judaism before eating the pork products to heighten the hilarity of the episode.
  • Korey Coleman is semi-vegetarian for health reasons. He is not a "down-low vegetarian."
  • Brian's kids have some food allergies.
  • Korey Coleman introduced the terms "Veeggers" and "Veegroes" and JuRY countered with "Veegas"
  • Bonnie the Invisible Wife is concerned about Chad's Gap, and provided him with a box of toothpicks as a testament to her concern.
  • You cannot get meat Drunk. I repeat: YOU CAN NOT GET MEAT DRUNK.
  • DJZ still does not have a music web page set up yet for his mash-ups.


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