Do You Really Believe

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Do You Really Believe?
Number 82
Broadcast Date November 12, 2012
Episode Length 1:15:01
Hosts Andrew Mayne, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

What would you do if you could live forever. Also, do we now know if the initials to SpaceX’s MCT project? What exploded a peaceful neighborhood in Indiana? We return to the Snuggery after a WTP listener offers to go investigate. Also, when will it be unethical to turn off a video game character?


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17 Things To Do When You're Immortal

Andrew read an io9 article about things to do when you're immortal. Brian and Justin had some ideas about what to do, like chess and swimming. The guys had a more serious conversation about how time seems to pass faster and faster the older you get. What would that be like if you just never died? Would you begin to experience things aeons at a time?

This Week in SpaceX

A few weeks earlier there were rumors of a new SpaceX rocket with the initials "MCT". At the time the meaning behind the initials was unknown, but at the time of recording it is believe that it stands for "Mars Colonial Transport". The guys ask at what point they would want to move to Mars. Andrew would only go once there is a McDonald's and/or a Taco Bell there.

Mystery Indianapolis Explosion

Earlier in the week there was a massive explosion in Indianapolis that killed two people, absolutely obliterated two houses and severely damaged the surrounding houses. At the time of the recording, the only theory that investigators mentioned was a faulty furnace.

Besides a gas leak, Brian, Justin and Andrew tried to come up with their own theories. Their theories included flubber, adolescents with mutant powers and a conspiracy in which everyone just took apart the house, threw the pieces everywhere then lit it on fire.

But what if it was a meteor impact? There is a list of events in history that could have possibly been caused by meteor. It could certainly be possible.

Now lets get to the REAL issues- what if the President of the United States was killed by a meteor impact? Brian, Justin and Andrew believe that no matter how much evidence there is or how well documented it was, it would be incredibly difficult for anybody to believe that a naturally occurring meteor killed just the President.

Snuggery Update

Last episode, there was a story about a professional snuggler who owned and operated "The Snuggery". Justin received an e-mail from a Rochester native that has set up an appointment at The Snuggery and will report his experience afterwards on

In a very predictable turn, they guys got back into their argument about whether or not people are going to these types of places for sexual reasons. Justin re-frames the situation and asks Brian if Bonnie would be ok with him going to The Snuggery when he is on the road in Rochester.

Surprise Weird Things Question

Right in the middle of presenting their picks, Andrew presents a scenario in the future in which you a playing a video game on a computer that is more complex and powerful than the human brain. In this game there are sentient characters that have feelings and do not want to die. Is there a point where killing a character or even just turning off the game becomes immoral? They don't have a clear answer, but it is definitely something to think about.





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