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The Code of the Forest supercedes your human laws.

eSpen is the Norwegian Ambassador in NSFW's chat realm. He didn't want to make his own BBpedia page, so made other people have to go through the trouble of doing it for him. Maybe now that it exists he'll edit it with real info. He might as well do that since he'll have to come in here anyway to remove the line where he says he likes sex with LADIES, and definitely NOT penguins. So if that's what you've heard, that is INcorrect.


Born on a warm summerday on the 21th of July late in the 1970s (1977 to be more exact) in a small town in Norway called Notodden.. Home of the Norway.. if that Counts for anything. something something.. and then he found NSFWshow on the interwebs.. THE END...


  • eSpen is not bound by conventional laws or mores. He adheres to a higher code. The Code of the Forest
  • eSpen enjoys sandwiches that consist of fish and some sort of Norwegian sauce of undetermined origin.
  • He enjoys playing video games on his throne. (not a toilet, but a leather recliner with blankets - a throne fit for King eSpen the Insane!)
  • So complex is the Norwegian language that Brian doesn't even attempt to pronounce it! It is a tongue reserved for scholars & insane kings.
  • Was featured on Between the Sheets. That's how his bromance with Brian and Coppola started.
  • According to Leo Laporte, eSpen is Pretty close to perfect.