Easily Accessing the Hidden Deep Web

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Easily Accessing the Hidden Deep Web
Number 40
Broadcast Date November 18, 2016
Episode Length 8:12
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Brian and Jason are no strangers to the Internet, but they've spent their entire lives floating on the surface web. Today, however, they glimpse the depths of the hidden deep web, and subsequently the dark web.


Hey don't do crimes. I guess we have to say that just about every episode these days, but for real.

There is some truly deplorable stuff out there in the shady corners of the dark web, not to mention plenty of scams and honeypots. That said, most of that kind of stuff exists out on the surface web as well, so its presence alone shouldn't inherently demonize the legal and practical use of deep web. To be clear, we're not technology professionals here at modern rogue. We try our best to give accurate information, but something's bound to be a little off with techincal topics. Grain of salt, all that.

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Easily Accessing the Hidden Deep Web
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