Jason Murphy

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Jason Murphy
Jason as a stand-in for camera prep during the ghost hunting MR video.
Known For Co-host of Hacking the System,
co-host of Modern Rogue

Jason Murphy is an author and the co-host of Modern Rogue.

In 2014-2015, he played the oblivious cohort in Hacking the System, also acting as segment producer. In 2016, Jason had his novel The Black Goat Motorcycle Club published by Sinister Grin Press. He's also credited as a writer for the feature film Sleep No More (2017). In the past, he was a frequent host on Rage Select, and has been a long-time friend of Brian Brushwood.

Murphy was tasked with spearheading the production of Modern Rogue in late 2015. He has since not only become a staple in the series appearing as himself, but he is heavily involved in pre-production and research for episode topics as well.


Fun Facts

  • Jason's voice can be heard in many of Brian's older videos, including but not limited to the introduction video for Brian's stage show.
  • His wife describes his eyes as "olives with the pimento taken out"