Enjoy the Vue, While it Lasts

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Enjoy the Vue, While it Lasts
Number 3647
Broadcast Date OCTOBER 29, 2019
Episode Length 30:54
Hosts Tom Merritt, Roger Chang
Guests Scott Johnson

Electronic Arts announced it is publishing games on Steam for the first time since 2012, starting with a pre-order page for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Why has EA’s strategy for online game distribution come full circle back to Steam and will it be the only one?


Quick Hits

WhatsApp is suing mobile surveillance company NSO Group in US federal court. WhatsApp accuses NSO Group of creating malware used "to access messages and other communications after they were decrypted” on target devices. WhatsApp patched an exploit in May that might have been used. WhatsApp says more than a hundred human rights defenders, journalists and “other members of civil society” were targeted.
Nvidia announced the GeForce GTX 1650 Super card launching November 22, though a price hasn't been announced. GPU throughput will rise 46% and the card comes with 12Gbps GDDR6 memory, and the TU116 GPU from the 1660, a significant upgrade over the GTX 1650. It will also be a 100watt card compared to the 1650's 75 watts. Nvidia also launched the GeForce GTX 1660 Super with faster GDDR6 memory shipping late November for $229.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is suing Google for "false or misleading representations to consumers about the personal location data Google collects, keeps and uses." The issue is that when setting up an Android phone users can disable "Location History" but that does not disable collection of all location data. To do that, you have to go to the "Web and Activity" setting as well.
Apple released macOS Catalina 10.15.1 adding support for new emojis, support for AirPods Pro and adding Siri privacy controls. It also includes HomeKit Secure Video support and support for Airplay2-enabled speakers. Apple also released an update for watchOS 6.1 to add AirPods Pro compatibility and can run on Apple Watch Series 1 and 2.
At the same time, Apple pulled the latest update to its HomePod speakers after users reported it made some speakers unusable. If you have installed the 13.2 HomePod update, Apple recommends avoiding resetting it or removing it from the Home app until a fix is released.

Top Stories

50 years ago today in Room 3420 at UCLA's Boelter Hall, a graduate student named Charley Kline sat at an ITT teletype terminal and sent a digital data transmission to Bill Duvall, a scientist sitting at a terminal at the Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto, California, 350 miles to the north. Kline sent an L then an O then Duvall's computer crashed. After a 20 minute fix they tried again and sent the word LOGIN. Kline was then able to use the Stanford computer from UCLA to run programs. It was a test of linking academic computers into something called the ARPANET. This was a project of the Advanced research Projects Agency set up in the Department of Defense in 1958 by Professor Leonard Kleinrock. Within a few weeks the network added computers at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Utah. Room 3420 has recently been restored to its 1969 look and is called the Kleinrock Internet History Center. There's an excellent article with more on that day and the people involved by Mark Sullivan at Fastcompany.com
Google uses DOT-NEW domains to let users create new things like Google Docs or calendar entries. Google has now opened the domain for others to register. Trademark owners can register a domain until January 14-- and others can apply for a .new domain starting December 2. Microsoft has registered word.new to start a new Word document and Spotify registered playlist.new and podcast.new. eBay registered sell.new and Stripe registered invoice.new. Even Drake's label Ovo Sound registered music.new.
Razer launched its low latency wireless earbuds, the Hammerhead True Wireless. Razer modified Bluetooth 5.0 to claim a 60ms latency. The buds last three hours on a charge and the case can give an additional 15 hours. Razer's Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds are available now for $100.
Sony will shut down its PlayStation Vue live TV subscription service on January 30. In a blog post, Sony said, "The highly competitive Pay TV industry, with expensive content and network deals, has been slower to change than we expected." PS Vue launched in 2015. Sony sold its Crackle video service to CCSE last year.
Amazon announced its grocery delivery service will now be free to members of Amazon Prime in the US. The service will offer one and two hour delivery windows from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. The service used to cost $15 a month. Existing subscribers with a Prime membership will now get it for free.



The Nvidia shield is one of a few devices authorized for drm decryption. I have a cablecard hdhomerun prime. While Plex can't see or record all of my cable channels, the shield's native live TV app can. And through some tech trickery on my part** I've integrated it into Plex.

Shield also Natively supports almost all the VPN Android apps, and you can side-load chrome so it's perfect for hotels, and/or being in a different country than your content.

And lastly, most importantly, it's the only streaming device I've found that has a twitch app. I can now watch DTNS live on my living room TV without some kind of cast kluge.

Only thing I wish is that I hadn't bought it 3 months ago. Had I waited I would have had a faster shield, but it's already light-years faster than any Roku I've ever used.

**I use a program called MCE buddy to grab the files that the shield records onto an external hard drive, and strip commercials and drop it in my Plex drive.
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