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The only picture of Scott on the internet.

Scott Johnson (born July 17, 1969) is a podcaster, cartoonist, and creator of FrogPants Studios. Scott hosts multiple podcasts on the FrogPants Network, including Film Sack, The Instance, and Current Geek, which he hosts with Tom Merritt. Scott frequently collaborates with Tom as a guest on Cordkillers and Daily Tech News Show, and participates in the Night Attack/Cordkillers Movie Draft (formerly NSFW/Frame Rate).

Inversely, Justin appears Tuesdays on Scott's podcast, The Morning Stream, on a segment titled "JuRY Duty." The segment is free-form but often touches on topics discussed on the most recent JuRY or Weird Things.

Scott's online comic is titled My Extra Life. This is actually his second online comic, but the first one is a secret.


Fun Facts

  • In FourCast #47 Scott revealed that he is a huge MAD Magazine fan.
  • Scott has his own soundboard but does not always use it when he appears on NSFW. It is possible that the combination of his soundboard with Justin's might cause the universe to break.


  • "EFF A DOG!"
    • Because of this quote's popularity, Justin frequently invokes it when introducing Scott ("Scott 'Effadog' Johnson")