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Number 1
Broadcast Date November 9, 2014
Episode Length 37:38
Hosts Ashley Paramore, Justin Robert Young

Hi Ashley's Mom! Hi JuRY's Mom! Ashley and JuRY are getting married! But first, they have to get a DNA test.


JuRY was a 64-year-old widower and Ashley was a 1-year-old pearl diver. They locked eyes over some basil gimlets, and it was love at first sight? No, not really. That was a lie. Just like the 3-month-long lie that Justin was feeding to Ashley, with regards to the engagement.

What Is This About?

According to Ashley, this podcast will be about "A lot of us talking about us, and our relationships, and relationships in general, through our adventure of wedding planning."

This is a podcast a fixed end point. The last episode of the podcast will be recorded at Dragon Con, taking place around Labor Day 2015, when Justin and Ashley will be getting married. According to Justin, "This podcast will chronicle us getting to that point, and going through all the steps that it takes for that. If that sounds boring or dumb, seriously stop listening."

This will be a very non-traditional wedding, and it is happening at Dragon Con, an event that will be foreign to most of Ashley's and JuRY's family. This podcast will talk about everything that comes up during planning, and all the reactions that Ashley and JuRY receive.

But first, the Ring.

The Engagement

Justin finally proposed to Ashley on November 2, 2014. A video of the proposal can be seen near the end of this page. Ashley's story begins a year beforehand.

Dragon Con 2014

Ashley is seeing all of her friends getting married, and is making observations & taking notes on what she likes (and doesn't like) in the ceremonies she attends. Since Ashley moved across the country (from Columbus, Ohio) to be with Justin, marriage seemed the next step to take!

Back in 2013, Ashley wasn't pushing hard for marriage, but did let Justin know that she needed a year to plan. Both Justin and Ashley wanted to get married at Dragon Con in Atlanta, since that is where the first met, and they reconnect with so many friends there every year.

Justin noted that when people lived together for three years, it starts getting really weird if they didn't get married. Even so, JuRY was very laid back when Ashley brought up the idea after Dragon Con 2014. Justin definitely did not take Ashley seriously about marriage talks at the time, nor had he thought of proposing in Dragon Con 2014. With Justin's laid-back agreement, Ashley began planning back in August/September 2014.

It makes Ashley sound like a crazy person, until you get to know Justin, at which point it's not surprising at all.

Getting the Ring

When Ashley's friends and coworkers started questioning Ashley about the lack of an engagement, Ashley began passive-aggressively started annoying Justin about finding a ring. That included multiple emails, and going to two different jewelers to get her finger sized. Justin then found a ring online and sent Ashley a picture, which calmed Ashley down for a time.

Justin began consulting with a friend (let's call her Rachel) who had recently gone through the process of getting a ring. Justin went to Robbins Brothers in Dallas and ordered a ring, with instructions for it to be shipped to Brian Brushwood's home in Austin. Justin would pick up the ring from Brian the next time he was in Austin (which happened when they recorded Night Attack 3: To Old to Talk).

Justin and Ashley made plans for a romantic trip to Seattle. It was recognized by both that the engagement would happen during the Seattle trip, but Ashley was unable to get any information on the true status of the engagement ring.

The Lies

Between the ring's purchase and the engagement, Justin began an active campaign of lying to make Ashley believe that Justin was having problems getting the ring. The deceptions included:

  • The jeweler sold the setting to someone else, and a replacement wouldn't be until Thanksgiving for a replacement to come in.
  • Setting would now arrive in time, but now there is a delay with the Sapphire.
  • Describing other plans that were backup plans, which also had problems.

Ashley, and everyone else, believed Justin's lies because "[Justin is] the worst planner and [the lie] is so viable." The only person who saw through the farce was Ashley's pedicurist.

In the end, Ashley assumed that Justin was going to do something "silly or mushy in public". The lies continued right up to the moment that the ring was presented and the proposal was made.

The Day

November 2 was a very "us day". Waking up, having brunch (with a bug in Ashley's salad), and having drinks & fun at the Pike Place Market. After finding a spot in Victor Steinbrueck Park, Justin decides to get a picture, and finds a "Random Vape Bro" to take the picture. Ashley is annoyed, because she just wanted to take a selfie, and did not realize that Justin was having the Vape Bro take a video.

Justin then walked in front of Ashley, went down on one knee, messed up opening the box, almost dropped the ring, and made Ashley very happy. After being shocked that Justin actually "got his shit together", she then called him an asshole once she realized that Justin must have been lying for so long.

DNA Test

Before getting married, Ashley wants to make sure that she and Justin are not related. Both Ashley and Justin took AncestryDNA tests from ancestry.com. It will take a week or so for Ancestry to receive the DNA samples, and then another six to eight weeks for the ancestry and ethnicity results.


Email your questions to [email protected] or [email protected], with "JURYMORE" in the subject line.

This was the first episode, so there were no questions this week. Send in your questions, so they can be answered next week! People who are already married can write in to share their experiences, and engaged couples can write in with their own questions.



Justin's Proposal

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Until it was officially released, this episode was tracked in the Wiki under the working title Keep Get Married Go Team.

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