Fish Stick Apocalypse

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Fish Stick Apocalypse
Number 78
Broadcast Date May 31, 2011
Episode Length 1:10:05
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Andrew Mayne, Robert Benfer

Andrew Mayne is here to pimp his new book and Robert Benfer is here to force Brian and Justin to eat fish stick sandwich burritos.


Opening Video

A Delightful Evening starring Robert Benfer

Chatrealm's Choice

Before the show, chatrealm prepared a series of either/or questions which everyone answered. Then the guests have to guess what Chatrealm chose

  • Weird Things TV vs. Frame Rate

Brian- Weird Things Justin- FrameRate Andrew- FrameRate Robert- FrameRate

Chatrealm- FrameRate

  • Pie vs Cake

Justin- cake Andrew- pie Brian- pie Robert- cake

Chatrealm- cake

  • Vidlaster vs Tricaster

Justin- Vidblaster Brian- Vidblaster Andrew- Tricaster Robert- Vidblaster

Chatrealm- Tricaster

  • Tijuana Jackson vs Michael Rooker

Brian- Rooker Justin- Rooker Andrew- Rooker Robert- Rooker

Chatrealm- Rooker

  • Nyan Cat vs Adrian Brody

Robert- Brody Justin- Nyan Andrew- Nyan Brian- Brody

Chatrealm- Brody

  • Game of Thrones vs. Doctor Who

Justin- Doctor Who Brian- Doctor Who Andrew- Doctor Who Robert- Doctor Who

Chatrealm- Doctor Who

  • Fish Stick Sandwich Burrito vs Tebaatusasula

Brian- Tebaatusasula Justin- Fish Stick Sandwich Burrito Robert- Tebaatusasula Andrew- Fish Stick Sandwich

Chatrealm- Fish Stick Sandwich Burrito

WINNER: Everyone but Brian


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Zombie Apocalypse Scenario

Since Andrew just came out with his newest book Public Enemy Zero, the guys are going to discuss the ways to survive the zombie apocalypse. The scenario is that you have five minute to prepare your panic room before the zombies come to eat your face.

  • Brian is going to hide in his second floor with his shot gun.
  • Justin is going to head to WalMart
  • Andrew is going to head to a local industrial park where there are lots of shipments of food come in. Also he will blow up cars around the neighborhood to scare off the zombies.
  • Robert will go to Pizza Hut on 50 cent wing night then go back home to watch Hot Tub Time Machine on Netflix.
  • Deleted Scene starring Ipodparf


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Summer Music Series

Robert Benfer is live in studio to perform his song Fish Stick Sandwich Burrito while Justin and Brian eat their own fish stick sandwich burritos.

New Champion! Woo!

Everyone but Brian.

Great Quotes

"I call dibs on the 11 year-old!" -Justin

Fun Facts

  • Fish Stick Sandwich Burritos taste terrible.


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