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Number 3
Broadcast Date November 24, 2014
Episode Length ~30 minutes
Hosts Ashley Paramore, Justin Robert Young

The guest list is completed! Time now to start looking at food and dress.


This episode was recorded the evening that the Ferguson grand jury results were announced. Even though you couldn't hear it, there were helicopters buzzing around outside.

Ashley wonders, would JuRY fight for the right to marry Ashley? He seems to be fighting every planning step of the way!

The Guest List

Speaking of fighting, the guest list is complete!

Last week, the listeners voted to see if Ashley and JuRY would fight over the guest list. JuRY had been constantly delaying the topic of talking about the guest list. Apparently, they did fight over it a little bit, and JuRY is not proud of his behavior.

Ashley and JuRY met in the studio, but JuRY wanted to get food first. Ashley also confiscated JuRY's phone, because JuRY works faster when he doesn't have his phone. When Ashley wanted to get food after the discussion, JuRY decided to lay face down on the floor. The guest list was then created. It took all of ten minutes to make. JuRY was surprised that it got done so quickly!

There are 70-80 people on the list. To be clear, the guest list is only for a Sunday brunch; the wedding itself is still open to all.

Next Up

The next things that Ashley and JuRY will be working on is finding a place for the brunch, and deciding what the groomsmen should wear.

Ashley is going to decide where the brunch should be held. Ashley does not want to do a traditional reception hall, she wants to have the brunch at a restaurant. JuRY is not sure if a restaurant will be accepting large reservations this far out.

JuRY is going to be dressed up as a character from Battlestar Galactica, and he is wondering how his groomsmen should dress. Instead of wearing traditional suits, it would be nice if they dressed up as Battlestar Galactica fighter pilots. An authentic fighter pilot costume could cost over $500, but JuRY is fine with the groomsmen purchasing lower-quality costumes, that would cost much less.


Email your questions to [email protected], with "JuRYMore" in the subject line.

There were no questions this week. Send in your questions, so they can be answered next week!


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