Good Enough

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Good Enough
GoodEnoughAlbumArt better.jpg
Created by Ashley Paramore
Hosted by John Teasdale, Jessica Uher
Ashley Paramore (until 2016)
No. of episodes 30+
Runtime 45-60 minutes
Producer(s) John Teasdale
Ashley Paramore (until 2016)
Distributor Independent
Original Run January 5, 2014 - Current

Good Enough is a weekly podcast about the Internet, politics, and society, hosted by John Teasdale and Jessica Uher. The podcast is recorded LIVE on <>.tv Sunday mornings at 10 AM (US/Pacific time). The last episode to broadcast on Hangouts with Air was on January 24th.

Until August 9, 2015, the podcast was known as Only Human until WNYC/NPR wanted the rights to the name for their podcast. Until June 7th 2015, the podcast was known as Church with Ashley.

Host Transition

Ashley Paramore accepted a job at Twitch in February 2016. Because of this, most of her streaming would be on weekends. As explained on the podcast, Ashley tried to figure out a time during the week to do the podcast with John but because John has such a busy schedule during the week, Ashley decided to leave the show and John's girlfriend, Jessica Uher became the new co-host of the podcast. Ashley's last episode of the Good Enough podcast was the February 14th episode, Change.