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DCTVpedia remains useful by having unbiased, factual, and informative articles that are relevant to the fans of the Diamond Club.


  • Use preview. It's much easier for other editors when they only see one edit from you.
  • Describe your modification in the summary field. This helps other contributors. If you didn't change much, check minor edit.
  • Fix typos and formatting errors. For tips on formatting, please see Wiki Markup.
  • Add relevant and true information. Make sure it's not already there and integrate it into the article carefully.
  • Link to relevant pages, within reason.


  • Remove good information.
  • Add bias to pages.
  • Use blatantly incorrect grammar.
  • Deface pages.
  • Add false information.
  • Link to pages that aren't needed and don't exist.
  • Link to the same page twice on one page.