How to Cripple a Website with DDOS

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How to Cripple a Website with DDOS
Number 52
Broadcast Date February 10, 2017
Episode Length 8:44
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests Jgor


Brian watched a couple episodes of CSI: Cyber and it all just clicked. So in a manic digi-frenzy he rounded up Jason, Jgor, a Power Glove, and a few 3.5" floppies to really get to the bottom of... DDOS?


Hey dude, nice gui, yeah we get it. You're overclocked and know about ports and packets and stuff. Like, that's cool and all, but don't blast people with (D)DOS attacks. When you do that people make fun of you behind your back and then call the feds.

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Fun Facts

  • This episode is, at the time of publishing, the only Modern Rogue episode to be broadcast live.


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How to Cripple a Website with DDOS
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