How to Eat Freaking Light Bulbs!

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How to Eat Freaking Light Bulbs!
Number 244
Broadcast Date November 15, 2012
Episode Length 17:12
Hosts Brian Brushwood
Guests Anthony Carboni

Revision3 Summary

DON'T TRY THIS TRICK AT HOME!! After watching the look on Anthony Carboni's face, as he attempts to eat glass from an incadescent light bulb, you probably won't want to try it anyway. Brian Brushwood lays down the strategic way to "chew glass".

WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! DO NOT USE FLORECENT LIGHT BULBS!!!! Fluorescent lights contain small amounts of mercury, a poisonous substance. The phosphor coating on the inside glass is also harmful. If a human or pet is cut, the phosphor will prevent blood from clotting. This also does horrible, terrible things to your teeth. Once again, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Enjoy though, as Brian shows you a dangerous sideshow trick that's been done for years.

Eating M'F'ing Glass

Brian walks through the mostly safe setup for eating glass, tells a poison control anecdote, and demonstrates a stupidly dangerous GLASS EATING ROUTINE.

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Enlightened Performance

Brian breaks down how to most safely execute the trick, and the guys give it their best shot.

Next Week

Starting next week, due to excessive complaints about looking at my hairstyle, Scam School will be going audio only! It's your own fault, haters.

Great Quote

  • "Easy, light bulb fans." -Anthony

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How to Eat Freaking Light Bulbs!
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