Anthony Carboni

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Carboni's face, bask in it.

Anthony Carboni is host and writer at Discovery Digital Networks for DNews, Nature Hates You, Hard Science, and Rev3Games. He is also super cool. Previously he worked on such projects as Bytejacker, New Challenger, and many other things.

Notable Appearances

Fun Facts

  • is so funny and talented
  • was in Indie Game: The Movie
  • bothers Brian on Google Chat all the time with hilarious stuff to distract him from his work
  • made of talent and humor
  • His hair is better kept than Justin's
  • Everybody thinks his podcast with Jeff Cannata is witty and insightful and smart
  • Everybody talks all the time about how funny he is
  • he's Jeff Cannata's friend
  • has the credibility to be a comedian and a science host on the Internet
  • complains about how hard it is to edit together his wonderfully-crafted three-minute vignettes explaining difficult science content