How to Make a Hologram Display on an iPhone

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How to Make a Hologram Display on an iPhone
Number 31
Broadcast Date September 15, 2016
Episode Length 4:51
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Brian and Jason make what's called a Pepper's ghost, an illusion dating back hundreds of years that conjure ghostly hologram-like figures.


All you'll need for this one are some CD cases, some paper, a pen/pencil, ruler, and a utility knife.

  • Measure and draw an equilateral triangle on your paper, each side approximately the width of your phone screen. This is your template.
  • Place the clear plastic CD case cover over the template, and carefully score the case along the template, the ruler will help with this. You don't need to bear down super hard as you do this, that'll just fracture the plastic, go over it a few times.
  • Snap the CD case along the score, you'll probably get a clean break.
  • Keep doing this until you have the four triangles that will form your square pyramid (you don't need to build a base).
  • Square off the top of each triangle, you'll want all of these to be even and flat since this is how your prism rests on your screen.
  • Now tape your four isosceles trapezoids together to effectively form your pyramid.
  • Load up a pepper's ghost video:
  • Place your pepper's ghost on your screen (phone, presumably).
  • Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

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How to Make a Hologram Display on an iPhone
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