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JURYMORE Cover.jpg
Created by Ashley Paramore & Justin Robert Young
Hosted by Ashley Paramore & Justin Robert Young
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes Up to 44
Runtime 30-60 minutes
Producer(s) Justin Robert Young
Original Run November 9, 2014 - Current

JURYMORE is a wedding-planning podcast, where Justin Robert Young and Ashley Paramore plan their upcoming wedding.

JuRY and Ashley will be getting married at Dragon Con, sometime during Labor Day weekend of 2015.

What Is It?

As discussed in episode 1

According to Ashley, this podcast will be about "A lot of us talking about us, and our relationships, and relationships in general, through our adventure of wedding planning."

This is a podcast a fixed end point. The last episode of the podcast will be recorded at Dragon Con, taking place around Labor Day 2015, when Justin and Ashley will be getting married. According to Justin, "This podcast will chronicle us getting to that point, and going through all the steps that it takes for that. If that sounds boring or dumb, seriously stop listening."

This will be a very non-traditional wedding, and it is happening at Dragon Con, an event that will be foreign to most of Ashley's and JuRY's family. This podcast will talk about everything that comes up during planning, and all the reactions that Ashley and JuRY receive. People can also send in their questions!


This podcast was created for several reasons: Memories, and an easy out.

A marriage is a big thing. It marks a turning point in the lives of Ashley and JuRY, and this podcast will allow them to relive their memories (when they are both 90 million years old and don't remember anything).

As for the easy out, JuRY and Ashley would like a place to send people who come to them with questions about their own impending marriage! It's alot easier for future couples to watch this show, where thoughts and feelings are being recorded fresh, vs. having to try to remember things.

Send In Your Questions!

If you have any wedding- or wedding planning-related questions, send them in to [email protected]. When you email JuRY, be sure to put "JURYMORE" in the subject line!

Watch Live!

Episodes are recorded weekly, on Mondays around 20:00 US/Pacific time. Live recordings and chat can be accessed through <>.tv.