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...and there goes the world record.

Many people know Jack Webster as "Puke kid" because on the World Record Episode of the NSFW show, he tried to chug 64oz of gatorade and failed by puking it all up with just a sip left to go. Jack believes that it could be because of some McDonald's he had earlier. He even commented, "I shouldn'ta done McDonald's earlier today." The show host and the chat room will sometimes reference when Jack did this when someone is about to fail/is failing/has failed by yelling "PUKE".

It has also been talked about on the show by the host that the only time they have gotten in trouble with the TWiT Network is because of Jack. According to them, it is not okay to let a 16 year old do something that could possibly kill himself.

Jack has also chimed into other episodes of the NSFW show such as they The GTFO Awards when he nominated Sarah Palin and BoxxyBabe. Jack also appeared on the Blitz Quiz episode and got a question correct for team Eagle Scout. Most recently Jack submitted a video for the NSFW's W1NNER GAM3S, but his video did not win platinum or gold.

Jack returned 100 episodes later in Record Setters with a Z where he had another large bottle of Gatorade. Unfortunately Ira Sockman did not allow him to take another shot at chugging the Gatorade, but Jack did end up attempting to balance the bottle on his head. Interestingly enough, this attempt ended similarly to the first one in that he spilled Gatorade all over his floor.