MPA—- Yay?

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MPA—- Yay?
Number 45
Broadcast Date November 17, 2014
Episode Length 1:04:06
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Andy Forssell

Sony wins the race to first Internet TV service, MPAA does a great job helping you find things to watch, do you want 5 HDMI signals on one screen?


Opening Video

Primary Target

Live on demand programming around 75 channels
Launching on PS3 and PS4 to begin, intend to bring to iPad and other devices
NBC Universal, Fox, Viacom and Scripps, but NOT ABC/Disney or Time Warner’s HBO.
Launch this month invite-only beta NYC (Chicago, Philly, LA to follow)
Launch commercially Q1 2015

Signals Intelligence

MPAA launched
Service to find where stream or purchase of movies and TV shows online or DVD/Blu-Ray
Trailers and behind the scenes footage as well
Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Flixster, Paramount Movies, Bravo Now, CNBC Full Episodes, E! Now, Esquire TV Now, Oxygen Now, Sprout Now, Syfy Now, ABC, ABC Family, Disney Movies Anywhere, Vudu, Xbox Video, Sundance Now, SnagFilms, Fandor, Wolfe on Demand, Target Ticket, Movies On Demand, Reelhouse, IndieFlix.

Gear Up

Indiegogo needs 200K by Dec. 13 (Flexible Funding) $399
Release to all Winter 2015 for $499
Five separate HDMI signals presented in one image
Also install HTML5 apps, browser
Multiple audio can be routed to different bluetooth/WiFi devices

Front Lines

In order to work on open architecture, defining specifications for network and cloud-based streaming and caching infrastructure; quality of experience; and interoperability. The group intends to propose specs to standards bodies not act as a standards body itself. Among the members are Charter, Comcast, Epix, Fox, MLB and Yahoo but not Netflix and YouTube.
The service offers access to Google Play's music library, as well as ad-free music videos, background playback capabilities and offline caching on YouTube. for $7.99 a month at first and then $9.99 per month. To sign up for an invite, go to YouTube has already added music videos in a new section that features personalized playlists and soon full albums.

Under surveillance

A new season of previously self-funded show High Maintenance released three episodes at $1.99. Three more episodes will come in early 2015 and you can buy the whole season now for $7.99. The show is about a pot dealer in Brooklyn and the lives of his customers.
Cocked (Sam Trammel returns to rural Virginia), Mad Dogs (US version of UK story about people in their 40s reuniting), The Man in the High Castle (Based on Philip K. Dick book about San francisco if Germany won WWII), and Point of Honor (Civil War drama prod by Carlton Cuse), half-hour shows Down Dog (Yoga studio owner breaks up with girlfirend-coowner) and Salem Rogers (Super model after 10 years in rehab), and the half-hour docu-series The New Yorker Presents.
Premiere episode directed by Jonathan Nolan. Stars Anthony Hopkins as an inventor who runs a futuristic theme park full of lifelike androids. James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, and Thandie Newton will portray the androids and can be killed and replaced frequently, giving everyone a chance to play multiple characters. (The cast reportedly signed multi-year deals.) Ed Harris, Miranda Otto, and Jeffrey Wright will also star in the series.

2014 Winter Movie Draft

  • 1. Scott: $207,234,079
  • 2. Brian: $36,111,775
  • 3. Justin: $25,910,368
  • 4. John: $6,471,161
  • 5. Tom: $0
  • 6. Brett: $0

Dispatches From The Front

That German company you mentioned that's offering an app to chromecast Amazon Prime videos has had their app shut down. From the Primecast app page ( "Primecast has been shut down and is no longer available" is all it says. I guess Amazon DID care. So much for "whatever device you please."
Brian G

Holy cow Brian. Sometimes you go off arguing on the silliest of nitpicky (minor) points. The most recent one of having to go thru a one time setup process for Disney, iTunes and GooglePlay. You have to be one of the laziest employees I have. Seriously, it's getting old. Knock it off.
Your boss
Kyle in Pittsburgh

Hey guys. You are always talking about how Nielsen is behind the times, but a lot of that is contractual between Nielsen and our Clients. Often we are limited by what we can do because of the push and pull between national and local interests. Few local TV stations are interested in internet video measurement for example, because very little of their content and audience is online. The National networks how ever have their own streaming infrastructure setup.
Check out this article about how Nielsen is trying to evolve the way video ratings are done.
David The Nielsen Guy

Hey guys! I am a freshman in college and my university does not have a deal with any cable company so I had to find another way to watch some shows.
This won't apply to the vast majority of the audience BUT my parents live in Mexico so I got them cable+internet for around $40 US. The awesome thing is that for an extra $10 a month they get "on demand online" which basically means I get to stream (because I am the one that uses it) every channel they have!. For most channels this is in Spanish (which I do speak) but this also means live events like the emmys, grammys, the world series, football on sundays and monday night, basketball games, all live and online! I know I'm cheating on cutting the cord since I am technically paying for a cable service but still I get to whatch live tv without problems online in HD. I know this seems like something a slingbox could do but this way no TV is being "used" while I watch what I want some 2000 miles away.
Love the show take care!
Charles O
PS. I love Brian's sing-along the theme song after the credits.



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