Meat Blobs Keep Falling On My Head

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Meat Blobs Keep Falling On My Head
Number 57
Broadcast Date May 7, 2012
Episode Length 1:00:20
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Tom Merritt

Brian and special guest Tom find themselves covered in meat after it rains from sky. Justin wonders aloud if the characters in Avengers are the mythic Gods of our modern era… except for Thor, who is kind of a God in both. Also, a marine biologist attaches a laser beam to the fin of one of the ocean’s most dangerous species. Is it awesome or the worst idea ever?


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The Avengers

The Friday before the recording, The Avengers was released in the United States and posted the most successful opening weekend box office numbers in history. The guys pretty much just discussed how awesome it was.

Meat Blobs Keep Falling On My Head

Brian and Tom, employees at a Kentucky Hardee's, are out on a smoke break when they began to be pelted with meat falling from the sky. They take shelter inside and decide to cook and eat a piece of the meat and decided that it tasted like either mutton or venison.

This actually happened back in 1876 and the only explaination that they can come up with is birds vomiting up their dinner.

Sharks with Fricken' Lasers on their Head

Well they didn't actually put lasers on the heads, they put them on their tails. Of course theres always that one guy that has to be the kill-joy, going on talking about how there is no point to it and it's just causing unnecessary stress to the sharks. However Brian feels that we should put lasers on every animal. We're humans! We're the top of the food chain!

Book Club




Great Quotes

"This kid's smart! He's like hamburger Tony Stark. HTS is what we call him!" -Brian "I can't think of a single animal that humans don't have the right to put a laser on." -Brian



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Meat Blobs Keep Falling On My Head
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