Reality Television Death Races Of Atlantis

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Number 56
Broadcast Date April 30, 2012
Episode Length Reality Television Death Races Of Atlantis
Hosts Scott Sigler, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young


Brian and Scott are approached by a wizened trucker who offers them a deadly new opportunity on reality television. A frantic scientist in the ancient civilization of Atlantis opens up a hole in space and time to warn anyone who will listen that the volcano that will bury him is ready to blow again in the modern day. A crusty old sea captain is convinced that he needs to add heavy artillery to his roof in an effort to stave off a murky threat.

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The BS Truckers

Brian and Scott are long haul trucker brothers who get an offer for a television show called "Spills". On this show they would have to race in a Formula 1 race with other inexperienced drivers for the chance of winning $7,000. The only catch is that if they die, their death will be broadcast to the masses and their family will have no legal recourse.

Somehow, Scott wins the race and is now given the opportunity to compete in the new show "Emergency" where contestants are put in an emergency situation and if they make it out alive, they win the grand prize of $23,000. This time, Scott is too chicken and Brian steps up to the plate. One week later, Brian wakes up on an empty 747 that he has to land all by himself. Brian manages to land the plane with just a few cracked ribs.

Brian and Scott are now celebrities and are invited to the new show "Torio!" where they can win $79,000 and a trip to Europe. This time they have to go out to Spain to kill a bull. With both of them working together, Brian and Scott kill the bull and suffer a punctured lung.

Now things finally get serious with their newest offer to be on "Underwater Perils" where they can win $174,000. They agree to be on the show before figuring out what they have to do. They have to go and collect sunken treasure from the bottom of the ocean. The catch? Only one of them can come back alive. Forced into doing the show by their legally binding contract, Brian murders Scott while underwater.

Brian is now a mega-star and is invited on to the new show "Prize of Peril" where he has to survive being hunted by other people for a week. If he survives, he will get $1.5 million.

It turns out that all of these scenarios were created by Robert Sheckley for his short story "Prize of Peril". This short story is the first known story that talks about publicly broadcasted fights for your life. This was before "The Hunger Games" and "Battle Royale".

The Last of the Atlanteans

In this scenario Scott is a geologic scientist and Brian is a citizen of Atlantis. Brian found out that Atlantis is doomed to be sunken underwater and he knows that there will be another continent doomed to the same fate in the future. Luckily a hole in time and space opens up that connects Brian to Scott in his modern day office. Brian warns Scott by showing him some ancient scrolls detailing the volcanic activity near him in New Brunswick, Columbia. Scott checks some scientific readings and confirms that there has been some increased volcanic activity.

This conversation may in fact be going on right now, as the volcano that some believe to have doomed Atlantis is becoming much more active.

London Home Defense

Officer Brushwood shows up to Scotts house to let him know that they need to do some emergency government mandated construction on the top of his house. Unfortunately, Scott has built his roof with the boat hulls of his enemies and he is not willing to just lay back and take it. Brian assures him that it is vital for their country's security. It's just a really simple 2 day construction job. It's only a few brackets and a small rocket launcher.

The Ministry of Defense in the UK has let some residents of London that they will be installing missile defense systems on their roofs to defend against potential attacks during the 2012 Olympics.

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Great Quotes

  • "BS Truckers: We know how to move shit!"- Scott



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