Mind-Blowing Mathematical Puzzles!

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Mind-Blowing Mathematical Puzzles!
Number 210
Broadcast Date March 21, 2012
Episode Length 9:00
Hosts Brian Brushwood

This week we've got two good brainteasers. One is tough, but the other is a real stumper! First, see if you can arrange six cigarettes (or pencils, or straws ...) in a way so that each one is touching the other five. Next, try the same thing with SEVEN!

Revision3 Summary

Really stomp on your brain with these puzzles. From really hard to almost impossibly difficult, check out these amazing mind tricks!

Next Week

Next week, don't forget to join us, because we are going to be interviewing the inventors of Dippin' Dots about their newest creation: Drinkin' Dots- the future of beer.

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Fun Facts

  • Filmed at EZ5



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Mind-Blowing Mathematical Puzzles!
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