Use ESP to Read Invisible Dice!

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Use ESP to Read Invisible Dice!
Number 209
Broadcast Date March 14, 2012
Episode Length 9:36
Hosts Brian Brushwood
Guests Diamond Jim Tyler

Diamond Jim Tyler is back with another awesomely simple trick! In this episode, we learn how to figure out what numbers your friend rolled on a pair of "invisible dice." You'll have to do some basic math, but it's guaranteed to work every time and blow everyone's minds!

Revision3 Summary

Diamond Jim Tyler shows you how to use invisible dice to control people's minds! Watch and learn to become all Jedi-like.

Next Week

Next week, you're not gonna wanna miss it cause we're gonna have a vote, does my hair look more like Sonic the Hedgehog, Guile from Street Fighter or the guy from Trigun with the *scho scho scho scho scho*. The answer: None of those- I look like an onion.

Great Quote

  • "That's like magic dude!" -Brian

Fun Facts

  • Filmed at Pedro's Cantina



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Use ESP to Read Invisible Dice!
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