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NSFW Bingo is a bingo game created by t2t2 in which participants mark off a bingo square whenever the item or action indicated in the square is mentioned or performed during the course of an episode of NSFW. The goal is to get 5 squares in a row in order to shout "BINGO!" in the chat room first.


  1. Players may hit "New Card" as often as they wish until they get a bingo card they are happy with.
  2. If you change your bingo card during the game, you must start over from a blank card and cannot reclaim any spaces you had previously marked.
  3. The game does not officially begin until the show begins. As soon as the opening video starts, Brian says "It's go time!", or the NSFW theme plays, players may begin marking squares.
    1. Although you may mark off squares in the pre-show, that is considered a practice round and your board has to be cleared before the show starts.
  4. The first person to win must shout "BINGO!" in the #unfiltered chat room on irc.twit.tv.
    1. As the first person to get bingo, you will win nothing other than perhaps a few people saying, "Already?!"
  5. Although the hosts can be encouraged to say certain words to aid you in your bingo quest, you cannot claim squares which you have triggered yourself.
    1. For example, if you call in and say, "But Cuba!", everyone else can claim that square, but you cannot.