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The infamous "But Cuba" caption
But Cuba! may also refer to the But Cuba game that originated the phrase or Episode 23 of NSFW

but Cuba is an auto-transcribed closed caption which appears when the "Leo Laporte Blows up at Mike Arrington on the Gillmor Gang" video is played with "Transcribe Audio" turned on. The "but Cuba" caption appears when Leo says, "Fuck you guys!"

The phrase was discovered during the NSFW episode titled "But Cuba". The phrase was such a hit that there was no question that it would be the title of the episode.

Leo had heard the phrase, but did not know the origin. He was fully briefed about the origin of "but Cuba" during The Trials of King Leo and has since begun using the phrase himself.

Because of improvements to the auto-transcription tool, the "but Cuba" caption no longer appears on the original video and instead presents a more accurate transcription. "but Cuba" still remains a popular phrase in Chatrealm.

The Video

To turn on captions:

  1. Start playing the video
  2. Put the mouse over the triangle on the lower right
  3. Put the mouse over the triangle next to "CC"
  4. Select "Transcribe Audio"
  5. Click "OK"

Reported Appearances


There have been some variations on the catch phrase:

  • "But Cuban Missile Crisis"
  • "but humble servants of but Cuba"

Incorrect Usage

The phrase is "but Cuba" and not "butt Cuba". This is what "butt Cuba" would look like: