Name That Autocomplete (episode)

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Name That Autocomplete
Number 1
Broadcast Date Nov 24, 2009
Episode Length 1:24:33
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Leo Laporte, Alex Albrecht

Alex Albrecht and Leo Laporte are here for the premier episode.

Name That Autocomplete title card
Sorry, no time for the Frodo Baggins story...


Opening Video

Brian plays the commercial for his (fake) Brian Brushwood Action Figure.

Introducing the Show

The show introduction was very similar to the introduction to the BBLiveShow, stating how unprofessional it is and how there may be swearing.

They also introduced their guests, Leo Laporte and Alex Albrecht. For much of the episode, Leo was WAY too close to the camera, causing him to be compared to the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man.

Name That Autocomplete

Leo and Alex have to guess the subject of a Google search, based on the suggested autocompletes given by Google.

Round One

Each correct answer is worth 1 point.

1. "This action star has range."

Autocompletes: Bio, Wiki, Wife, Height, Cell Phone, Movies, Broadway, On Broadway, Workout, Daniel Craig

  • Leo guesses "Jean-Claude Van Damme"- INCORRECT
  • Alex guesses "Hugh Jackman"- CORRECT

2. "Seeker of truth destroyer of lies"

Autocompletes: Twitter, Quotes, Wife, Married, Dead, Atheist, Scandal, RFID, Defcon, Maltese Falcon

  • Alex guesses "Alfred Hitchcock"- INCORRECT
  • Leo guesses "Kevin Mitnick"- INCORRECT

The correct answer was "Adam Savage"

3. "Prolific internet personalities"

Autocompletes: Twitter, Blog, Wiki, Pictures, Leo Laporte, Breasts, Smugmug, Global Warming, GoDaddy, Geekbrief

  • Leo guesses "Robert Scoble"- INCORRECT
  • Alex guesses "Cali Lewis"- CORRECT

4. "Hope is her middle name"

Autocompletes: Twitter, MySpace, Songs, Photos, Lyrics, Nip Slip, Pole Dancing, Party in the USA, The Climb

  • Alex guesses "Britney Spears"- INCORRECT
  • Leo Guesses "Lindsay Lohan"- INCORRECT

The Correct answer was "Miley Cyrus"

Round Two

The game now switches to a "Name that Tune" style format, where the contestants challenge each other to name the autocomplete in as few clues as possible. NOTE- clues like "Twitter" and "wiki" are not counted.

Each correct answer is worth 1,000,000 points.

1. "When he talks, many listen"

Leo is challenged to name it in 3 autocompletes.

Autocompletes: "Live" "Streaming" "Listen Live"

  • Leo guesses "Rush Limbaugh"- CORRECT

2. "Pulitzer Prize winning reporter" (Note: This person is "Not Real")

Alex is challenged to name it in 3.

Autocompletes: "Actress" "Travel" "Pictures"

  • Alex guesses "Lois Lane"- CORRECT

3. "Unable to close the deal; looks like Frankenstein."

Alex is challenged to name it in 1.

Autocomplete: "Cane"

  • Alex guesses "John Kerry"- CORRECT

Alex wins 2,000,002 - 1,000,000

Ford Sync

Leo attempted to show the audience his new Ford Mustang, but the lack of light and wi-fi stopped it from being very informative.

New Champions! Woo!

Great Quotes

  • "I'll do it in ONE." -Alex Albrecht
  • "I am the Merv Griffin of unwatched Internet programs." -Justin

Fun Facts


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