Secrets or BS (NSFW episode)

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Secrets or BS may also refer to the actual Secrets or BS game or Episode 43 of BBLiveShow
Secrets or BS
Number 2
Broadcast Date December 1, 2009
Episode Length 1:12:53
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Veronica Belmont

Brian and Justin were joined by Veronica Belmont to play a game of Secrets or BS.


Secrets or BS title card

Brian and Justin were joined by Veronica Belmont to play a game of Secrets or BS. Brian and Justin introduce this week’s guest, the lovely and talented Veronica Belmont. Right off the bat Veronica demands that the guys pick a side on the centuries-old waffles vs. pancakes debate. Veronica then confused everyone when she pointed out that bunnies wear pancakes on their head, which she said was common knowledge. Thrown off by the bunny comment, Brian gets right into tonight’s game.

Secrets or BS

Secrets or BS is a game that has been played a few times before back on the BBLiveShow. For several days prior to the episode, fans were asked to submit true secrets or completely made up stories to the NSFW web site. Those stories were then read live on the show and the participants would need to bet if they were real or fake.

1. On his Grad Night, he switched the tapes so that the song “She Loves My Cock” would play when his class walked in, instead of “School’s Out” as had been planned. However, he got in trouble with the principal and had to publicly apologize to the school board before receiving his diploma.

2. He stole the clothes of a nerdy classmate and threw them out in view of the girls’ gym class. When the nerd ran out to get his clothes, he slipped and fell, causing the entire class of girls to see him naked on the gym floor.

3. In high school, a jerk made a bet that he would never get laid during high school, to show the jerk wrong, he ended up sleeping with the jerk’s girlfriend. Eventually the jerk found out and made him promise to never talk about who he slept with, and he has kept his word until now.

4. When he was in preschool, he was playing house with a girl. Of course the topic of conversation changed to pee pees and he showed her his pee pee, and right when she was going to pull her pants down, the teacher shows up and busts them. He was eventually kicked out of this preschool.

5. In 9th grade he sold a bag of cat nip to his friend for $50, thinking it was weed. Later he went to smoke it with computer paper and he thought that he was super high, but everyone laughed at him because they knew it was cat nip. Later he demanded his money back, and to this day, he is still known as “Cat Nip”.

6. He took a tour of the local ABC news set for a college course; while the guide wasn’t looking he went behind the desk to check out the logo. He notice that it was foam and got more handsy with it and accidentally broke a chunk off. Panicking he shoved it in his pocket and GTFO’d. That night he watched the news with his friends and the chunk was still missing, but was replaced the next night.

7. One day at work, he and a couple of coworkers decided to burn some things out behind their building. Once they thought everything was burnt out they put it into a dumpster. A while later, their dumpster was on fire. It took 4 fire extinguishers and a call to the fire department to put it out. When their boss asked what started it, they said that it must have been some rotten kids from the trailer park.

8. He used to work at Starbucks where a handicapped guy named “James” came in on a regular basis. He was in a wheelchair because he is missing both of his legs. One day James was talking about how he was having a yard sale. Behind the counter he had to call one of his co-workers in, because he couldn’t keep himself from laughing at the mental image of James at a yard sale with a sign saying “All pants half off”.

Evidence for the Nixon story

9. In middle school, he did a project on Richard Nixon. In doing research he found a really radical book all about crazy stories and scandals about the former President and became fearful of Nixon causing him to no longer want to do the report on him. In order to get him over his fears, his parents took him to the Nixon library to do more research. Still not convinced they took him to the grave of Richard Nixon, at which point he started to scream and cry. To this day he is still afraid of Richard Nixon.

10. One night he was out delivering pizza at a trailer park, and there was no answer at the door for 3 minutes. So he went back to the store and called the number for the house he was supposed to deliver to. As he waited for an answer he was singing along to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” after he was done singing he noticed that someone was actually on the other line, breathing deeply. The voice said “You got a pretty voice. You should try out for American Idol.” Not knowing how to respond, he told him about how he tried to deliver the pizza but there was no answer. He then drives back, and a shirtless man is waiting on the porch. When he gave him the pizza, the man invited him into his house to give him the tip, but he GTFO’d back to the pizza shop as fast as he could. The next week he saw the man on the news being arrested as a murder suspect.


Brian discusses his hatred of Modern Warfare 2, despite the rest of the world loving it. He explains that it is like a Michael Bay movie, which depending on who you are, is either a good or a bad thing.

Then to back up his argument, Brian shows this video. The three, then go on to debate whether or not the video is genuine. Jay Brushwood calls in to offer up his expert video game developer opinion about Infinity Ward. He confirms that it is all a communist plot, in which Infinity Ward grows angry teenagers in vats underneath their headquarters.


Brian sets up the next Operation iScam for the NSFW show that will take place later in the week. Then tries to get to Frodo Baggins, but again delays the story to a later date.

Justin begins his strange sponsor reading career by briefly mentioning that in 1945 his grandfather died texting while driving.

New Champion! Woo!

Great Quotes

"It always comes down to pee pees." -Veronica Belmont

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