No One Expects the Fiber Inquisition

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No One Expects the Fiber Inquisition
Number 213
Broadcast Date March 26, 2018
Episode Length 1:06:04
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Scott Johnson

Cable monopolies, French cinema crackdown, and the Netflix that says "ni!" All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Scott Johnson (

The Summer Movie Draft happened! Watch the draft as it happened over at Night Attack's feed ( Visit for up-to-the-minute stats.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Report from Leichtman research shows cable companies extending dominance in US ISP market
Cable companies added 83% of all net broadband subscribers last quarter
Cable added 2.7mm broadband subs 2017
Telcos lost 625K
No cable cos listed losses
Only ATT and Cincinnati Bell (of telcos) added
Potential alternatives
Wireless services, esp. after 5G rollout in two years
Google Fiber (on pause, uncertain what new strategy will be)

How to Watch

YouTube Red will premiere its new movies in theaters
Vulture Club stars Susan Sarandon, directed by Iranian-American Maryam Keshavarz
An ER nurse whose journalist son has been taken hostage
Bodied, a battle-rap satire produced by Eminem; (Sundance premiere already)
Starting with this year’s Cannes Film Festival in May, films screened in competition will need to have a French theatrical release. Netflix cannot release its films in French theaters and still do day and date releases on Netflix because of French laws. Netflix is still allowed to show films at Cannes but its films will not be eligible for the prestigious Palme d’Or.

What to Watch

First trailer for The Titan starring Taylor Schilling and Sam Worthington, in a post-nuclear resource-constrained world an off-the-grid military base looks to find a new home for humanity on Titan. Arrives on Netflix March 30.
Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Monty Python's Life of Brian, TV series Monty Python's Flying Circus and several live specials are coming to Netflix in the UK April 15 and the US later this year.
Deadline says Gina Rodriguez will play Carmen Sandiego in a live action movie on Netflix. Rodriguez is also voicing Sandiego in the animated reboot coming to Netflix next year.

What We're Watching

Front Lines

MoviePass followed its controversial statements and apologies with a limited time price drop last week. An annual subscription dropped to $89.95 a year about $6.95 a month plus a $6.55 processing fee.
The New York Times says entertainment executives told it Apple plans to roll out its new TV programming between March and summer 2019. Apple currently has a 40-person team working on Apple Worldwide Video. Apple has 12 TV projects in the works.
Netflix is changing its typeface from Gotham to something called Netflix Sans. The new typeface was developed with designers Dalton Maag and will save Netflix millions in licensing fees.
Roku announced its new Roku Channel that offers a free, ad-supported VOD offering is set to go live this summer on “select” Samsung smart TVs. The platform's VOD service debuted last fall on Roku TVs and Roku players, and features “hundreds” of movies and TV shows. Roku noted that The Roku Channel’s ad load per programming hour is about half as compared to traditional linear TV.
Engadget has an article about Roku features people might not be aware of, including the fact that you can set the replay button to always skip back 10 seconds and show captions if the app permits the captions to be turned on temporarily. Also apps that support DIAL, like Netflix and YouTube can cast to the Roku just like a Chromecast. You can also change a setting to allow screen mirroring from Windows and Android, using Miracast.

Dispatches From The Front

Hello Tom and Brian,
A few months ago I sent an email with how moving has made me rethink my cord cutting ways.

Well here is an update. First off I went from the free version of Plex to Plex Pass. It was a very good decision. I now host from Onedrive so that is one less piece of equipment needed at home.

Next and this is more recent, I switched to Direct TV Now from PSVue. I joined for the more affordable $35 dollars a month. Viacom Channels, some channels that are on the higher PSVue Tiers (like Velocity), and CW Live TV. I also got HBO for $5 and an Apple TV. Kudos to DirectTVNow's marketing.

In my previous email I said I wanted to put up an antenna but because Winter will not end here in Pennsylvania I will have to wait for better weather. I really hope it works, I want to try Plex Live TV.

One last thing was because CordKillers has been helpful not only for my cord cutting endeavors but also for content discovery I finally started supporting the show on Patreon.

Keep up the good work,

- Scott

You guys have talked a lot about MoviePass on the show, so I thought this might be of interest to you. Apologies if you've already covered it, I'm deep in writing mode right now (Tom, you probably know how that is) so have had to cut back on my podcast listening.

Anyway, I've been a MoviePass subscriber for about 4 months and I just haven't been using it. (That's right, not even once a month.) This morning I decided to cancel and got a stern warning that I would not be able to resubscribe or register a new account for NINE MONTHS. What the heck is that about? I imagine it might have something to do with keeping people from just subscribing for blockbuster & awards seasons but come on, MoviePass. I briefly reconsidered my decision to cancel, then realized that is exactly what they want to me to do. So... buzz off, MoviePass. I no longer want to do business with you.

- Lori

Do you have a guide of streaming TV services and channels offered per? I am trying to find the best option that is the closest to a regular cable/satellite style TV guide for my cord cutting needs.

Love ya guys!

- Mathew

P.S. Just bumped up my Patreon monthly donation. Keep up the great and entertaining work!!!

I don't think you've mentioned this before. Is there a way to take an OTA signal and send it via wireless? I have a Roku 3 box and I have a TCL Roku TV. I wanted the TCL Roku TV to receive the signal via wireless (or some other way) since it is in my kitchen and would be an effort to wire it. And this doesn't just need to pass the babysitter test, it needs to pass the "my wife isn't tech savvy" test.

- Jim

My 9 year old daughter wanted to watch one of her shows for the 10th time, so I suggested that we pull up Netflix kids to see if there was anything new. We started watching Nailed It a show Bryce recently featured on the show. I found the host characters strange and forced, and the premise very silly. However the first competition was "sexy vodka pops" I believe they were vodka tinged cake pops in the shape of lips and such.
If the show has been even remotely entertaining to my daughter or myself up to that point we may have kept watching, it wasn't so we didn't. The show is rated PG so that explains how it was in the kids section but I don't think it should have been. It makes me wonder what other crap Netflix has in their kids curated section.
Brian would you have watched it with your kids?

Love the show,
Your boss,
- Matt

Hey fellow Cordkillers,

I have had an ongoing issue with amazon video and not being able to block my son from subscribing to channels like HBO and Starz. I have 2 sons with kids edition fire tablets and have parental lock for purchases and found that there is no way from amazon side to block or have a prompt for password or pin when you subscribe for channels. In the last 6 months I have had to call to get subscription to HBO and/starz reversed 20-30 times. One of my sons is autistic and does not quite understand that when he sees movie on Amazon video app doesn't mean he can watch it. My only solution amazon has given me is to remove my form of payment from account all together or uninstall amazon video app(that my kids use quite often). Only solution that seems to work better for me is I changed to using only my amex card on amazon and called them to put a block for any attempt for a purchase of amazon digital vs physical orders as they use different ids. Anyone had this issue?

- Jack



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