Owen JJ Stone

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OhDoctah on his BBLiveShow sanctioned vacation
OhDoctah makes his true feelings known.

Owen JJ Stone (OhDoctah) is BBLiveShow and NSFW's racial liaison. He lives in South Jersey now after a successful career as a Mississippi River Boat Captain. Owen is proudly also know as the South Jersey Mandingo. In his BBLiveShow appearances, he is often seen in a dimly lit room with sports playing on a large screen in the background, possibly violating copyright laws and the Terms of Service. Owen regularly wears football jerseys. When he disagrees with what is being said or is uninterested he simply rests his head on his forehead, glares at his desk, and remains silent until the conversation goes back to something he approves of. He is known to always speak his mind on the quality of the episode even if the episode isn't over and the guest is listening.


In addition to occasional BBLiveShow appearances, OhDoctah can be seen in the following:

Fun Facts

  • Owen once ran a riverboat casino