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Frame Rate cover art.


Frame Rate was a podcast in which Tom Merritt and Brian Brushwood discuss films, TV, and anything else of related interest. Brian has described Frame Rate as "The show about cord-cutting, hosted by two guys who really like the idea of cutting the cord, but haven't gotten around to it."

Since Tom left the TWiT network in late 2013, Frame Rate ended in January 2014. It has been succeeded by Cordkillers.

Originally running as a series of tests going as far back as June 8, 2010, the show eventually went from alpha to beta to golden master with the premiere episode airing on November 9, 2010. The show aired live on the TWiT Network Mondays at 6:00 pm ET (3:00 pm PT).

Show Format

  • The Big Story

Extremely exciting film/TV news

  • Another Big Story

Somewhat less exciting but definitely still cool film/TV news

  • Yet Another Big Story

Only somewhat exciting but definitely kinda cool film/TV news

  • Probably Not Such a Big Story Since It's Our Fourth Big Story

Film/TV news still worth mentioning but not worth spending much time on

  • Slip Stream

Discussion of news regarding streaming services

  • Tube Tops

Discussion of set-top boxes and news pertinent to them

  • Film Falm

Discussion of content, including both television and film

  • Interferon (is no longer an active segment)

Discussion of the viral videos of the week

  • Scan Lines

Brian and Tom scan the headlines, only spending up to 60 seconds per story

  • Movie Draft / Premiering This Week

A quick rundown of the movie draft results and content that premieres that week

  • What We're Watching

Discussion of the entertainment the hosts have watched over the course of the week

  • Feedback

Brian and Tom answer emails sent in by the listeners at [email protected]

  • The Spoiler Zone

Brian and Tom discuss something openly and freely with full spoiler disclosure at the end of the episode

Fun Facts