Potato Cannon vs. Human Head

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Potato Cannon vs. Human Head
Number 115
Broadcast Date April 27, 2018
Episode Length 17:20
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests Bill Doran


Brian and Jason have been driving around Austin declaring themselves the Potato Pirates and they have the cannon to prove it. It's really gotten out of hand, they commandeer cars in the neighborhood yelling, "AVAST" while they throw potatoes out of the windows. They don't even have a good potato pun or anything, they literally just keep yelling the word "avast" over and over again.

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Featured Characters

LORE: in the previous episode we demonstrated that the changeling was susceptible to a handsaw, but by this episode, it mysteriously regained its fiberglass head. This head, now in a weakened state, was forcibly removed by a second point-blank potato gun shot. Headless, Ch-ILD morphed into the appearance of Jason with a duplicate ballistic gel head, which was then fired upon again at point-blank range. The impact removed the gel eye from its socket and heavily fractured the skull, which was widely regarded as a victory for the resistance. It was lightly indicated that the changeling is down but not out, and this will not the be the last we've seen of Ch-ILD.


As always, big thanks to Bill for pulling this all together.


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Fun Facts

  • Everybody featured in the video got pretty sunburned during the shoot.
  • The potato shot distance was measured well after the fact using the measure feature on google maps.
  • After filming an interview with Bill, the head was melted down at which point the skull completely fell apart due to being so fractured.
  • Some green tape that was used to help secure the gopro was bought at a gas station just before recording and was maybe the worst tape in the world.
  • This episode was released with a teaser to experiment with shareability. The teaser was published a few hours ahead of time, linking to a then-unlisted posting of the full episode.



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