Poughkeepsie Lungs

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Poughkeepsie Lungs
Number 198
Broadcast Date October 1, 2013
Episode Length 56:56
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt

This week world renowned author Tom Merritt is here to be put through his paces in Author Bootcamp, The Diamond Club: The Movie becomes a thing and then Justin and Tom try to get the Chatrealm to care about baseball.


Opening Video

I'm Gonna Dunk It!

Small Beer Update

In the previous episode Michael and Katie Lipton (AKA Tall Beer and Small Beer) came on to let Brian and Justin sample some of their custom beers. In return the Chatrealm went to vote to send Katie to Sierra Nevada Beer Camp. Thanks to the Chatrealm, she nearly tripled her vote count. Because of this sudden jump, Sierra Nevada extended the contest. If you're reading this before October 15th, 2013 go ahead and head over to Tinyurl.com/KatieBeer and vote for her. YOU CAN VOTE EVERYDAY!


Go to Squarespace.com for a 14-day free trial and use the offer code "NSFW10" to get 10% off your first order.

Author Bootcamp

Tom Merritt has just published his fourth book "Lot Beta" and is now officially a legit-ass author. However Brian and Justin want to make sure he's ready for the big leagues.

First off the guys are going to give him a variety of public reading scenarios.

  • Tucson, Arizona. The residents hate vowels.
  • Poughkeepsie, New York. Their city name is so long that they don't have time for anything. Read the entire book in one breath.
  • Birmingham, Alabama. While he is reading, a crippled child rolls up on a skateboard and dragging a beagle and asks him to read the book while crying. As he continues to read and cry, the boy demands that Tom takes off his shirt.

Next, Brian and Justin are playing the part of movie executives and Tom had to pitch his book in an attempt to turn it into a movie. His pitch was great, but for budgetary reasons they decided not to move forward due to budgetary reasons.

Diamond Club: The Movie

Man, all this talk about making books into movies gave Bri Bri and Jurbs a fantastic idea. Following the same model in which The Diamond Club was written, the guys presented the idea that the Chatrealm should create a crowdsourced movie trailer. One person will be chosen to play Brianna Young for a shot at the beginning and end. In between will be 5 second shots from Brianna's perspective created by anybody. The scenes should at least be "in the style" of the book if not straight from the book. The target length for the trailer is 60-90 seconds. A doc has been set up to get things organized. Check it out.

Send in your clips to [email protected]

Brian suggested that the trailer be done by the 200th episode. (Heh… like that's gonna happen!)


During the show Justin's team, The Pittsburgh Pirates won their first playoff game in over 20 years allowing them to move on to face Tom's team, The St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Division Series. As a friendly wager, Justin proposed that the loser would have to shave their beard however the winner says. (Note: Hitler is off the table.)

Summer Music Series

Nothin. It ain't summer no more. Is it done for the year? WHO KNOWS! Find out next week?

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "This guy's as legit as farting in the face of the Pope!" -Brian
  • "MICROMACHINES!" -Justin
  • "She's wearing her lungs on the outside, if you know what I mean." -Brian
  • "Who do I look like? A G.D. GT?" -Justin

Fun Facts

  • Women from Poughkeepsie wear their lungs on the outside.




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