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Live feed from his car.
Born June 23, 1994
Known For Co-hosting a chatrealm-nominated podcast
Podcasts Real View Mirror, Sentai Rangers, CineMarvelous

ProfessorWhat (aka Jose Cuevas) is a member of chatrealm and co-host of both the Real View Mirror podcast and Sentai Rangers podcast. He is good friends with Kuhan, and became a member of the community during the first year of Night Attack.


A show about Marvel media.
The Chatrealm-Award-Nominated discussion podcast about media consumption.
A discussion on the Power Rangers Universe.

Other Podcast Appearances

Fun Facts

  • Once photo-bombed Felicia Day.
  • Has executed a "Robin Hood Shot" with a bow and arrow.
  • Was originally one of Kuhan's (few) fans before befriending him and starting a variety of podcasts.


  • 2014 Best New Podcast & Best New Chatrealm Podcast (nomination - Real View Mirror)
  • 2014 Best Caller (nominated)
  • 2014 Best Newcomer (nominated)