Scam Hot Chicks at the Bar

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Scam Hot Chicks at the Bar
Number 16
Broadcast Date July 3, 2008
Episode Length 8:39
Hosts Brian Brushwood

A guaranteed, never fail way to get the hottest girls at the bar to talk with you for at least 20 minutes.

Revision3 Summary

The Setup: By now you know a couple of unbeatable puzzles, but now it's important you learn a few beatable puzzles. Maybe you just want to soften your mark up for the kill. Or maybe you've spotted a hottie that you'd like to make feel smart. Whatever your reason, here are three medium-difficulty match puzzles that are likely to get solved as stump your mark:

#1 - the puppy dog. This one's perfect for the girls. It's cute, cartoony, adorable, and most importantly...solvable. Set up the doggie as pictured. This is the puppy before he got run over. Moving two matches, show the puppy as he looks AFTER he got run over.

#2 - the fishy. Another cute animal puzzle. Set up the fish as pictured, then ask this question: moving only three matches, can you make the fish swim the exact opposite direction?

#3 - the giraffe. This one surprises seems just as likely to stump 'em as be solved. Set up the giraffe as pictured, then ask: moving one match, can you change the orientation of the giraffe? (note the difference here...on the fish, we said he has to be swimming the exact opposite direction. In this case, we just want the giraffe to be facing any other direction).

Don't forget: you're in charge here. If a jealous boyfriend butts in, or if the girls start giving you too much sass, hit 'em up with the teepee puzzle or the four quarters (see episodes 2 and 12). If they really start bugging you, remember there's always the coin on the forehead trick (see episode 3).

Next Week

Don't forget to tune in next episode because we're actually going to be learning how to create your own flea circus out of used Popsicle sticks.

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Scam Hot Chicks at the Bar
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