Straw Teepee Puzzle

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Straw Teepee Puzzle
Number 12
Broadcast Date June 5, 2008
Episode Length 5:23
Hosts Brian Brushwood

Effect: Amaze fellow bar patrons by picking up two straws using only one other straw.

Revision3 Summary

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3

Need: One full length straw, and one cut in half.

Take the the full length straw and fold it in half. Crease the fold, so it stays in a "V" shape (figure 1). Now make a "lean-to" using the "V" and the small 1/2 length piece you cut off. Together, they should look somewhat like a pyramid.

Here's the challenge. How can you pick up both pieces of straw using only one other, full-length straw? You can't use your hands, and you have to pick up both straws at once.

Here's how you do it: Insert your "tool straw" under the pinnacle of your lean-to (figure 2). If you push outwards on the folded-over straw, the short straw will fall down onto your tool-straw.

Now slowly pull your tool upwards, and the short straw will lock into the folded over long one (figure 3). Now just lift, and you've done it!

Next Week

For Scam School, I'm Brian Brushwood and until next time, always drink responsibly...or irresponsibly. I'm not your friggin' parents, okay? I can't be expected to tell you how to drink.

Great Quotes

"I'm Brian Brushwood. You can call me Shwood or Shwoodreau or Shwoody, His Shwoodness if you're not into the whole brevity thing..."

Fun Facts

  • One of the people in the montage before the trick is Martin Sargent, Director of Comedy Programming for Revision3 at the time.
  • Filmed at Hobson's Choice.



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Straw Teepee Puzzle
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