Scam School Remix

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Scam School Remix
Scam School Remix title card
Hosted by Brian Brushwood
No. of episodes 3
Runtime 2 minutes
Editor(s) Brandt Hughes
Distributor TestTube
Original Run May 4, 2014 - Present

Scam School Remix is a classic Scam School episode, condensed into a break-neck pace, with additional commentary. Hosted by Brian Brushwood, Scam School Remix is a podcast that aims to weaponize some of Scam School's best material into a more easily consumable format.


The podcast premiered on Scam School's Youtube channel on May 4, 2014 with (Remix) Easy Secret to Fake Strength and Punk Friends!, a remix of Scam School episode 6: The Lift. While structurally different than standard Scam School episodes, they are numbered with regular episodes since they are distributed through the same channels.


Host: Brian Brushwood

Editor: Brandt Hughes


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Brian establishes a classic Scam School episode, the effect is demonstrated from that episode, then Brian gives some concise tips to best pull off the effect. Each episode is approximately 2 minutes in duration.

Scam School Remix Series Overview
Distributor Years No. of
Original air date
Premiere date Premiere title Finale date Finale title
TestTube 2014 - present 3 May 4, 2014 (Remix) Easy Secret to Fake Strength and Punk Friends! N/A N/A