Secretly Spied upon by 4 Devices

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Secretly Spied upon by 4 Devices
Number 118
Broadcast Date May 18, 2018
Episode Length 21:24
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Forged in the dusk of the Cold War, the pants were imbued with a mystic mistrust. It is said these pants transform their bearer into a supernaturally deceptive creature, something beyond the sum of their parts. It is within these polyester confines that a man finds himself cruel and twisted, a puppet of the pantaloon. Evil Grandpants Murphy Esq. is but a victim of this sinister stitching and seam.

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Fun Facts

  • The photo of Jason in the thumbnail was taken during the first spy cam episode and was not used for the thumbnail. That cutout has since become an emoji on the MR discord server.
  • While it's unclear whether the Fredi cam was not recording during the episode or reset before it could be backed up, recording any footage on it after the fact proved to be completely unusable.
  • During the ad read, Brandt operated all three cameras and acted as live audio engineer.



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Secretly Spied upon by 4 Devices
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