Seems Legit

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Seems Legit
Number 88
Broadcast Date August 6, 2012
Episode Length 1:04:44
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt, Justin Robert Young

Pay TV, Amazon VS Netflix, YouTube double down, Aereo victory, and more!


Opening Video

(Fake) Ender's Game movie trailer

The Big Story

Pay TV may have stopped growing. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Another Big Story

Amazon takes on Netflix, Hulu with instant video iPad app. [6] [7]


Go to for your free two week trail, and use offer code: framerate8 if you decide to keep it for 10% off your first purchase on new accounts. If you sign up for the annual plan subscription you get a free domain name in addition to the 10% discount. Plans start as low as $8/month.


  • Netflix testing 'Max' assistant on some PS3 users to improve movie recommendations. [8]
  • YouTube to double down on its 'channel' experiment. [9]
  • Fanhattan video-aggregating app adds HBO and NBC content, universal 'WatchList' queue. [10]
  • Watch live TV on your phone! No, really. [11]
  • Aereo celebrates a court victory with clever marketing: free web TV for an hour, or a dollar for a day. [12]

Tube Tops

  • Hulu Plus lands on Apple TV. [13]
  • IntoNow app now includes real-time meme generator. [14]

Film Falm

  • New Bill Nye The Science Guy show coming to YouTube. [15]
  • H+ debuting August 8th. [16]
  • BBC shows off 33-megapixel Super Hi-Vision Olympic footage. [17]
  • Warner Bros has ‘Dark Tower’ decision looming: and Russell Crowe is in the mix. [18]
  • Deadline's Weekly YouTube Rankings. [19]

Summer Movie Draft

  • (1) Justin = $893,482,799
  • (2) Tom = $658,354,517
  • (3) Scott = $641,761,707
  • (4) Brian = $613,396,497
  • (5) Sarah = $392,387,427
  • (6) Veronica = $204,914,294

Justin is unofficially declared the victor.

The Campaign and The Bourne Legacy premiere this week.

What We're Watching


  • Breaking Bad
  • Indonesia
  • Re-watched The Avengers


  • Breaking Bad
  • The Olympics
  • Curiosity landing on Mars!


  • 21 Jump Street


  • Ander T. notes that both Brian and Tom are right about the Olympics foley and mic mixing.

Great Quotes

  • Tom, "And now you've spoiled the email."
    • Brian, "Well now, actually he didn't spoil the email until you pointed out that's what was in the email."
    • Tom, "And now I've spoiled the email!"
  • Brian, "By the way, Bill Meeks joined me on our adventure all the way out to Indonesia. [He] did a fantastic job shooting that stuff for Scam School.
    • Justin, "Shame what happened to him out there. RIP Bill Meeks, we'll always remember him."
  • Tom, "Well they have the right to do anything stupid. That's not much of a point."
    • Brian, "I'm looking forward to our new show Grousin' with Tom."

Fun Facts

  • Both Brian and Justin are live in studio this week.



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