Setting Up a Pirate Radio Station

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Setting Up a Pirate Radio Station
Number 33
Broadcast Date September 30, 2016
Episode Length 5:57
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Brian's life-long dream is to become a DJ, so he coerced Jason into helping him start up his unlicensed radio station.


Let's be clear here, it's super easy to do something pretty illegal here so we highly recommend you do not attempt this yourself. Also don't take Brian or Jason's word as law, triple/quadruple check laws and regulations if you find yourself needing them. I mean, I guess unless you have tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to just throw away. But if you're rolling that deep, a donation to Bizarre Magic Inc. will get you more value per dollar.

In fact, if anybody asks, these are all dramatizations for illustrative purpose.

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Setting Up a Pirate Radio Station
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